The Convention Scene UK Team

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Matthew Ambrose

I started collecting autographs in 2017, I'm a avid Star Wars fan and love collecting a variety of autographs from Star Wars to Football, I started doing consignments in 2018 when I attended my first convention Showmasters Cardiff , Since then I've been attending cons and doing consignments at the likes of Collectormania, London Film and Comic Con, Wales Comic Con , Bath Comic Con etc. I'm also a co-owner of a autograph sales company.


Jake Dorries

Been collecting since I could get pocket money. Jurassic Park was my favorite childhood movie. I love collecting funkos, autographs and replicas. My first convention was MCM Liverpool where I cosplayed as the Clown Prince of Crime and still cosplay now often at Liverpool, Manchester, Wales and London. I also run an autograph sales group online.

Connor Walker

I've been collecting since 2017 when I got my first pop to get signed and it was Deathstroke by Manu Bennett and ever since then I've had a growing collection. I also have my own company creating custom Pops.

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