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Our Bonnie Aarons signing is now complete!


We are extremely happy to announce our signing with Valak the demon Nun aka Bonnie Aarons, has now been completed. This was a very popular signing and we are extremely happy Bonnie agreed to do this for us.

We will have some items available to purchase. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these items please contact us and we’ll be sure to contact you as soon as they arrive. We have Pops, prints, crucifixes and Holy Water flasks available.

❗️Please note that the items will need to be shipped back to the UK before we can start sending them out to customers. We will update you once they have returned.

❗️If you have requested Beckett authentication for your item and items have returned, these will then go to Beckett to be stickered.

Thank you all to those who took part. We couldn’t do this without you 😊

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