Convention Scene UK was founded back in 2018 when myself and my wife came to realise that there was something missing from the ever-growing popularity of comic conventions. So, the idea was born when we decided to vlog the next convention we attended. We had an absolute blast doing this and after fantastic feedback our name grew rapidly. Now, after spending almost a year travelling up and down the UK, we put our cameras down and our feet up for a well-deserved rest and primarily focused on the online community and bringing people together through the love of all things geeky. Over the last 3 years our online platforms have boomed seeing numbers grow daily. We have a superb team of moderators who help in ensuring we bring all we can to the online followers and friends by way of current event news, entertainment and now our latest amazing venture.... PRIVATE SIGNINGS!! The aim of these signing events is to enable fans to get their items signed in a fast and effective, but personalised fashion.  

Our aim is to bring a community together through creating memories with your idols.  

We look forward to hearing from you soon, 

Warren & Amy